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Baby uses souvenir baseball as a teething toy at Miami Marlins game (video)


As any person who has children — or has been around infants — are well aware of the certifiable inevitability that if a baby can get his or her hands on something, they will invariably stick it in their mouth. This sometimes unsanitary habit’s frequency is further compounded once the baby begins cutting teeth and the long road of teething begins.

A couple of Miami Marlins fans were taking in the team’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Marlins Park on Thursday when the new daddy managed to snag a foul popup down the first base line in short right field off the bat of Donovan Solano’s bat.

He handed the prized souvenir baseball to mommy who then gave it to their baby as a plaything — goodness knows baseball is a slow-moving game even older kids in this day and age with their electronic doodads and short attention spans can scarcely tolerate these days, let alone an infant — and of course the baby proceeded to gnaw on it.

While certainly not the cleanest teething toy, the baseball definitely provided a formidable teething challenge for a little baby.

And better yet, at least an infant has an excuse, not knowing any better at all. The same cannot be said for the young Houston Astros who licked a souvenir ball, an act which prompted his disgusted older sister to give her younger brother a light smack.