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White Sox give white rain ponchos to fans, resulting in an awkward scene (pics)

In a perfect example of how the best of intents can result in the most unfortunate and unintended consequences, the Chicago White Sox handed on white rain ponchos during Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels at U.S. Cellular Field to help fans deal with the inclement weather that had descended upon the Windy City.

The scene that developed when a bunch of folks wore white smock-looking garments with pointy hoods was, um, not good, to say the least. To wit:

Umm … yeah. The White Sox may want to rethink its approach to handing out free ponchos. At the very least, simply changing the color of them would be more than enough to alter the imagery enough to put the kibosh on the inherent — and almost tragically unintended — awkwardness of it all. Not a good look. I mean, it looks like a bunch of spooky ghosts are overtaking the stands.

Wait … what?

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