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Vincent Jackson pens kid’s book to help families deal with military deployment


Being the child of military parents, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson understands all too well the feelings kids are forced to deal with and  the issues related to having a parent in the service.

Because of this firsthand knowledge and accompanying empathy he feels for kids currently dealing with the issue, Jackson — with the help of his wife Lindsay, a schoolteacher — has penned a children’s book dealing with such difficult matters entitled, “Donny Dogtags: Dealing with Deployment.”

The book is about how even children in a military family have a role to play and that even they can help out.

“It’s about being good citizens,” Jackson said at a launch of the book during his “Youth in Action” camp in Tampa. “Not talking the ‘woe is me’ approach to it. Being sad is OK. It’s OK being open with your emotions, but how can you turn that into positives.”

Jackson admitted being nervous about reading in front of 80 children with military parents at the event.

“The football stuff comes natural,” said Jackson. “[Lindsey] is a pro at it, but the more in more I get in front of those kids, they make it easy.”

The book took a year and a half to write, but Lindsey said it was a pleasure to do it as a couple.

“We sat down, we wrote it together,” said Lindsey. “We edited together. We sent it to the publishers together. We went to the meetings with the Bucs together. So it’s been a true labor of love. Our name isn’t just stamped on it. It’s really our book from our heart.”

With most the news surrounding pro athletes centered on less-than-savory or worthwhile activities, it’s always refreshing to remember that a lot of pro athletes are out there doing the best they can to make the world just a little bit of a better place.

Here are some photos from the event, via a Facebook page devoted to the book:

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All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the wide receiver’s Jackson in Action 83 Foundation.

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