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L.A. Kings forward Tyler Toffoli eats ice cream out of the Stanley Cup (photo)

Tyler Toffoli spent his day on Thursday with the Stanley Cup satisfying his sweet tooth, as the Los Angeles Kings forward eschewed an adult beverage — and liquid entirely — and instead opted to make one ginormous ice cream sundae in the bowl of the trophy.

And boy oh boy, did it look tasty. But he better have been careful as that thing had brain-freezing ice cream headache written all over it.

Typically, we assume that when there is news about what an NHL player consumed out of the Stanley Cup, we tend to assume it involved some kind of adult beverage. But just as often, things are not only drunk out of the most coveted trophy in all of sport, foodstuffs are eaten out of it as well. When the Boston Bruins won the Cup in 2011, Brad Marchand ate cereal out of it.

And strange activities performed with the Stanley Cup as a prop aren’t limited to eating or drinking. Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane often used the Cup as an over-sized party favor, among other things. Patrick Sharp showed it off to his daughter, who was in awe of it. Crap, Tomas Holmstrom had his daughter baptized in it after the Detroit Red Wings won it all in 2008.

The point is, nothing involving what a player does with Lord Stanley’s Cup should be surprising at this point. Not that a player should try to be shocking, either. That would be in poor form.

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