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Marshawn Lynch on being in Body Issue: ‘I got to show some love for the fat backs’


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch in one of the more notable athletes who will appear in the upcoming edition of ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue.” And as a man not known for being much of a quote machine when speaking with the media — if he says anything at all — the punishing player known for going “Beast Mode” on the field did provide some compelling, if not entertaining, comments when discussing being nude for his photo shoot.

I got to show some love for the fat backs. Don’t matter if we don’t get love, as long as I give mine.

Even though I get butt-a– naked, I’m still gonna let my body do the talking for me. I’m cool with my body, I love my body. I wouldn’t trade it for no other body.

There you have it. Lynch is going to show some love for the fat backs.

Lynch also discussed growing up in Oakland and how activities on the playground helped him become an athlete. Lynch also discussed how his love of swimming, as well as doing MMA training before last season, has helped him become a better running back.

If only that training would have helped him with his atrocious golf swing, which is an abject and mesmerizing mess. But then again, it’s not like Lynch takes golfing as seriously as he takes running roughshod over opposing defenses on game day.