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Kobe Bryant seems to have gained weight during his European vacation (photo)

Coming on the heels of the news that Kobe Bryant returned from Europe on Wednesday night to help the Los Angeles Lakers woo Carmelo Anthony comes this amusing photograph taken of Kobe that makes it appear that he has packed on a few pounds during his sojourn across the pond.

As noted by Hot Clicks — and illustrated here — Derek Jeter once was victimized by a photo that made him appear at bit on the pudgy side, although it turned out that it was an optical illusion of sorts as a result of a photo taken at a bad angle.

A photo that made A-Rod look fat earlier this year, on the other hand? That’s just funny, even if it didn’t appear to be an accurate characterization at all.

But back to Kobe. Let’s face facts. It’s the offseason, he’s in Europe and probably has been tempted by all the delicious cuisine the continent boasts.

Further, he’s 35 years old and hasn’t been able to work out as hard as he would like due to a knee injury that ended his NBA season prematurely earlier this spring.

Further, he’s on vacation, for Pete’s sake. There’s plenty of time for Kobe to work off a few pounds and a beer gut before training camp. So, even if he has put on a bit of weight, it’s no reason to panic.

But still, kinda funny.

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