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Browns tight end Jordan Cameron tweaks Twitter bio in light of Jimmy Graham ruling


Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron had a bit of fun on social media in reaction to an arbitrator’s ruling that NFL tight end colleague, New Orleans Saints receiver Jimmy Graham, was designated as a tight end by an arbitrator in a ruling announced on Wednesday.

Of course, the ruling had major implications on the amount of money Graham can earn as the Saints had placed the franchise tag on Graham and the difference between being designated a wide receiver instead of tight end would have made a Graham a lot more money.

Graham felt he is used more as a wide receiver in the Saints offense and had he prevailed with the grievance, he would have been set to earn $12.3 million as a wideout. Instead, since Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled against him, Graham will make $7 million this coming season. The amounts of player compensation respective of position played are set by the NFL for players slapped with the franchise tag who are due to become free agents.

Which brings us back to Cameron. Taking note of how part of the case made against Graham during the grievance process was that his own Twitter bio deemed him a tight end, Cameron, perhaps looking to the future, made a slight tweak to his own Twitter bio to ensure at least that aspect of the case against Graham doesn’t hurt him down the road.


Haha. Pass catcher. Very, very clever. Well played.

(screengrab via Sporting News)