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Is this a pic of Claude Giroux in cuffs after his arrest for grabbing a cop’s butt?


One of the more amusing stories this week in the sports world was the news that Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux had been arrested in Ottawa after allegedly grabbing the buttocks of male police officer repeatedly while out celebrating Canada Day.

The incident occurred at The Great Canadian Cabin, a hotspot in Ottawa’s ByWard district.

Giroux reportedly was released Wednesday morning without being charged, meaning the worst he will likely receive as punishment is a stern talking-to by Flyers brass, not to mention a heaping load of grief from his teammates and NHL colleagues.

All in all, not a bad outcome given the fact that Giroux spent the night in the slammer as a result of his actions, which were deemed “alcohol-related” in the reporting of the incident. Shocking development.

Later on Wednesday, a photo surfaced purportedly of Giroux shortly after his arrest. It shows a man in cuffs, leaning against a squad car while wearing shorts, sandals, a peach shirt and red hat, with two officers standing behind him.

It also appears that the man, supposedly Giroux, chatting up a couple of females during his arrest. Now, we certainly do not know the substance of the conversation occurring between Giroux and at least one of the women in the photo, but if he’s still taking the time to mack on the ladies while in handcuffs? Well, then, now that’s a player, people.

Giroux has not commented publicly on the arrest, but he may be made available to the media soon, perhaps even on Thursday. That should be fun for him.