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Sources: Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade unaware of LeBron James’ free agency plans


After the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” met for lunch last Wednesday, many suspected this was an indication that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh may be working in concert to effectuate a situation where all three superstars could make another go of it in South Beach. Sources are now saying that was not the case and as far as D-Wade and Bosh are concerned, the two are no more aware of LeBron’s free agency plans than they were before the meeting.

Simply put, no one knows what’s going to happen. Do the three superstars “have the guts” — as Pat Riley put it — to return and make another go of it or have they played their last game together?

A source who reportedly spoke to Bosh and Wade indicated that the two were interested in returning to the Heat but the only information they gleaned about James’ plans was that he was interested in receiving a max deal with whatever team with which he ultimately signs a deal, nothing less.

This development indicates that Bosh and Wade opting out of their deals with the Heat a few days after James did had little to do with some kind of grand plan coordinated between the three.

Further, ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports that his sources tell him that Bosh and Wade were left so unsure about LeBron’s plans that they allegedly discussed how a Heat without James may look if the team moved on from the King.

Bosh and Wade are both willing to settle for a less lucrative contract with the Heat in order to convince James to stay. Bosh reportedly is looking to sign a five-year contract worth somewhere in the $80-90 million range. Wade, meanwhile, would be open to a four-year deal worth around $55 million to $60 million.Those numbers would allow the Heat to sign James for a deal in the range of $21 million per season, but would essentially prevent the Heat from pursuing any of the other high-profile free agents currently available … if any of them were still around once LeBron makes his “Decision, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

So, in essence, it would be business as usual for the Heat should the “Big 3” all return. Except Wade would be a year older and more susceptible to breaking down again and the trio’s supporting cast would feature essentially the same level of talent … the level of talent that wasn’t enough against a team as deep and talented and experienced as the San Antonio Spurs, who ran right through the Heat in the Finals.

So, in keeping with the presumed theme that will play out throughout LeBron’s free agency: No one will know anything until LeBron James wants us to know it.