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Warren Sapp admits to stiffing server with no tip, claims ‘service was the worst’


Warren Sapp was the center of some controversy on Tuesday evening after social media blew up regarding how the NFL Hall of Famer allegedly stiffed a server at a Florida sports bar. Not only did Sapp leave no tip, an image of the receipt showed how he also wrote the message, “BOYS DON’T TIP.”

The receipt shows that Sapp and his friends had ordered soup, chicken wings a sandwich and a bucket of Heineken, resulting in a tab of $69.39, for which Sapp tipped zilch, nada, nothing.

Sapp tweeted an image of an ice-cold Heineken at about the time when the alleged incident occurred.

To hear it from Sapp, this was less an incident of boorish behavior by a possible cheapskate but more a legitimate monetary-based commentary on the service provided to him and some friends when they patronized the sports bar to watch the U.S. take on Belgium in World Cup action.

Sapp not only said it was a terrible dining experience,  the server at Upper Deck Ale & Sports Grill in the Miami area repeatedly referred to Sapp and his pals, as “boys.”

This apparently prompted the NFL Network analyst to scrawl the “BOYS DON’T TIP” message next to the zero he wrote in the area of the bill were the amount of tip should have been written.

TMZ notes in its reporting on the incident that Sapp has had his fair share of financial difficulties in the past, jokingly speculating that instead of sending a curt message about the service, the fact that Sapp left no tip at all is because he couldn’t afford to leave one. While a funny commentary on some money issues Sapp has suffered in the past, odds are the zero-sum tip had everything to do with the allegedly shoddy service, despite the wiseacre commentary from the gossip site.