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Ump teaches Yasiel Puig the finer points of bat-flipping in ‘MLB 14: The Show’ (video)


The sophistication of sports video games in this day and age knows no bounds. The graphics are stunningly realistic and the attention to detail to the little things — above and beyond the brilliant visuals — truly makes the overall experience of playing the games beyond entertaining.

Even things like what players could be doing when not actively playing the game has become something game designers are beginning to pay attention to, as evidenced by the footage of gameplay from “MLB 14: The Show” which features Los Angeles Dodgers slugger and bat-flipping enthusiast Yasiel Puig receiving instruction from an umpire on how to toss his bat with the appropriate level of flair.

Polygon senior reporter and sports columnist Owen Good stumbled upon this interesting sideshow of a game feature when tooling around with the game.

He explains, via the video’s YouTube description:

This scene is from MLB 14 The Show. It’s one of several that take place when the player holds the ball on the pitching mound with the game unpaused for more than 30 seconds. The game then cycles through eight 30-second scenes — home plate, first, second, shortstop, left field, centerfield, right field and dugout — of players acting bored. The most interesting scenes are at home plate and in the dugout.

Awesome. If only the designers of the game had the foresight to include a scene of Puig being mocked by the ump for wearing pink shorts during the offseason … which of course is something that the young superstar has been known to do in the past. How that could have been accomplished during gameplay, though, would have been a tough thing to figure out. It would have been funny, man, no doubt about that.

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