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Rockets follow Bulls’ lead on how to woo Carmelo Anthony: Signs! (pics)


The Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls, among other teams, find themselves in a heated battle to woo Carmelo Anthony, to convince the superstar that their team is the place to land once he makes his decision where to set up shop next season.

Sure, the New York Knicks may have the inside track on retaining Carmelo’s services, given Anthony’s comfort level with the team and the town — not to mention the fact that the Knicks can offer him more money than any other team.

But the one thing the Knickerbockers cannot do — something surely to their chagrin, obviously — is use Photoshop or some other photo editing program to magically put Anthony into the team’s uniform and then splash those mocked-up images all over the team’s arena and locker room.

Because, you see, the Knicks already have photos and images and whatnot of Carmelo in a Knicks uniform in real life, not imagined, which certainly is not as cool as Photoshopped images. Obviously.

That’s how the Chicago Bulls attempted to charm Carmelo on Tuesday … by putting him in the team’s uni and adorning the United Center with the mocked-up signage.

So, on Wednesday, the Houston Rockets followed the lead of the Bulls by posting images of Carmelo donning the team’s uniform and placing it on the Toyota Center marquee:

The team also placed a graphic featuring Anthony holding the Larry O’Brien Tropy while wearing a Rockets uniform bearing the message “The Key to a Championship Formula” outside the locker room.

Yeah, that will sway Anthony, right? Nothing like hastily put-together piece of Photoshopped flattery. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if any other teams pursuing Anthony can come up with something as clever as the Rockets and Bulls. Or, if the Knick can work some photo-editing magic and have Anthony — of course in a Knicks uniform — riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex into Madison Square Garden or something awesome like that. Oh, and one last note about the Rockets signage? It features Anthony in a No. 7 jersey. It just so happens that a player currently on the roster of the Rockets already is using that number: Jeremy Lin. Oops. Lin took to Twitter shortly after photos began to surface on the Internet of how the Rockets were wooing Anthony and posted the following tweet:

Yeah, I think that may be about exactly what it appears to be about. But Lin needn’t worry, if Anthony opts to head to Houston, there’s no chance the two will have to make any arrangements regarding who gets the number. Because Lin will be long gone, you see.