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Robin Lopez posts selfie with ‘Simpsons’ doppelganger Sideshow Bob (pic)

Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez created a temporal rift in the space-time continuum — or something — when he posted a selfie of himself with an image of his Springfield doppelganger — Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons” — in the background.

Given the proximity of Lopez’s visage and the Bob image, the photo makes it clear something that we all have long known: If Lopez were an animated character, he would be the maniacal Robert Terwilliger — Bob’s real name — an interesting Simpsons side note Lopez makes mention of in the caption attached to the Instagram post:

Robert Terwilliger and yours truly #SideshowToSideshow#ILoveYouKelseyGrammer

And of course, Kelsey Grammer name-drop is in tribute to the actor voicing the sinister Sideshow Bob for all these years. Remember when David Hyde Pierce — Niles to Grammer’s Frasier in “Fraiser” — voice Bob’s brother Cecil in “Brother from Another Series.”

Ha. More “Simpsons” references. Good stuff.

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