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Rob Gronkowski, Robert Kraft bust a move at Beyonce-Jay-Z concert (videos)


Jay-Z and Beyonce’s concert tour hit Gillette Stadium on Tuesday night and among the thousands who packed the stadium to watch the spectacle were none other than New England Patriots party-hearty tight end Rob Gronkowski and team owner Robert Kraft.

In separate Instagram posts, Kraft can be easily identified as a man who may be somewhat out of his element in light of his button-up shirt and gray hair but nevertheless opts to bust out some nifty dance moves while grooving to the tunes. It appears that Gronkowski is the cool brah joining him in dance party.

Not being particularly knowledgeable of the different dance crazes from the days of yore, it cannot be confirmed if the dance move Kraft pulled out was “The Charleston.”

Meanwhile, another video purportedly shows Gronk busting a move solo. also tracked down several photos on Twitter documenting how Gronk was kicking it all night, having an all-around grand old time with his fellow Jay-Z and Beyonce fans.