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Ricky Rubio, DeAndre Jordan and Shawn Marion help kids get to movie premiere (video)


In one of the stranger promotional videos involving pro athletes and movie premieres — or the only one — Ricky Rubio, DeAndre Jordan and Shawn Marion do their part on ensure that some kids are able to get to the premiere of “Earth to Echo,” the new kids film set to hit theaters.

The spot was created by Relativity Sports, an agency that represents the above NBA stars — as well as Dwight Howard, Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons and Larry Sanders — has made several of these kind of videos as a means to promote their roster of basketball players — remember “The Avengerables,” the spoof action flick starring Howard, among others? — so this kind of foray into unique methods of boosting their clients’ profiles is nothing new, but this one is a pretty solid effort nevertheless.

In it, the trio of NBA superstars play the role of good guys who are willing to do anything in their power to get the children to the kiddie flick. Rubio fixes a girl’s bike, for instance. The other guys follow suit to save the day.

It’s quite strange, really, but also amusing, although I’m not sure why “Earth to Echo” is the film chosen for the spot. Perhaps Relativity Sports is trying to boost the kind of clients it represents to include extraterrestrial robot creature thingys.

Very clever, indeed.

[H/T Hardwood Paroxysm]