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Dodgers bust out the classic ‘hot foot’ prank on Scott Van Slyke (video)


Members of the Los Angeles Dodgers must be well-versed in the long and storied history of dugout pranks in Major League Baseball as a few fellas on the team took a trip in the wayback machine by digging deep in the bag of tricks once regularly relied upon by ballplayers in the days of yore by busting out the tried and true “hot foot.” The unwitting and unsuspecting victim of their collective skullduggery on Sunday was outfielder Scott Van Slyke.

The tomfoolery occurred once the game was well in hand with the Dodgers holding a commanding 6-0 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals. And the wisenheimer Dodgers players had one heckuva laugh at the expense of Van Slyke, who had no idea what was going on and how his teammates were more or less setting him on fire. Adrian Gonzalez was primary perpetrator, as he was the teammate who set Van Slyke’s shoe ablaze courtesy of a flame and some gum.

Well played. It was an example of skullduggery straight out of a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon.

Of course, one should reasonably believe that had Van Slyke went up in flames in a ball of fiery tomfoolery, his teammates would have jumped into action and extinguished the fire consuming their fellow Dodger. Well, once they were able to collect themselves after laughing their butts off.