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Twins go all out with goofy getaway getups by rocking outrageous suits (pics)

While technically not a getaway day in the strictest interpretation of the phrase, the Minnesota Twins were likely eager to get the heck out of Dodge — “Dodge” being Anaheim in this instance — following a matinee loss to the Angels on Thursday afternoon that capped a three-game sweep by the home team.

To keep things loose as the squad travels to Arlington for a three-game series with the Texas Rangers, the players decided to find the goofiest getups they could find with the theme being outrageous suits.

And believe you me, some of the guys went the extra mile, tracking down suits that are about as ridiculous as suits can get. To wit, as tweeted out by David Morse, the Twins Director of Baseball Communications and Player Relations.

Fantastic. Well done, gents.

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