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People are totally harshing Johnny Manziel’s mellow with all the criticism, dude


The heat of the white hot spotlight Johnny Manziel has been living under for years has increased exponentially since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. It seems like a week doesn’t go by — or better put, a weekend — where stories about his hard-partying ways aren’t splashed across the Internet, specifically social media.

But guess what? Much like he has in the past, Manziel defended himself and his off-the-field antics, saying he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong and has no plans changing anything about how he lives his life.

The Browns quarterback has been criticized by the likes of Brady Quinn, Warren Moon, Joe Montana, among others, recently, and that’s just scratching the surface of the litany of folks hammering on him for his party-hearty demeanor.

Manziel’s latest gripe about life under the microscope came during an appearance at a PLAY 60 event in Barea, Ohio, along with other AFC rookies. The Browns signal-caller contends that his lifestyle away from the football field has no effect on his ability to give 100% while on one.

Mary Kay Cabot, Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, relayed Manziel’s latest complaints about how people are complaining about he goes about his business in his personal life via her Twitter account. Among Johnny Football’s comments:

“My teammates are tired of the hype. They’re tired of the questions about me. So am I. Don’t think doing anything wrong.”

And if anyone thinks Manziel will crumble under the intense public scrutiny, they would be wrong.

“I’m not going to change for anybody,” Manziel insisted, before adding, “I’m going to enjoy my time off.”

When asked to address the now-infamous “money-phone” video, Manziel declined to do so, saying, “I’m not going to address something that’s in the past.”

Cabot also reports that Manziel is sick and tired of the scrutiny, writing that the quarterback would like to wake up on the weekend without being confronted with bad headlines about him.

Fair enough, but oftentimes, a person will reap what they sow. And when footage contained in the aforementioned “money-phone” video surface where Manziel conducts himself more or less like an arrogant, narcissistic cretin, people will inevitably find fault in that kind of behavior, especially when it comes from a young football player, whether it is fair or not, is charged with the responsibility of turning around a woebegone franchise.

NOTE: Video contains profanity: Viewer discretion is advised.

It just does not look good. While most of Manziel’s so-called party boy transgressions are minor in nature and relatively meaningless in scope, stuff like what’s captured in the video above is just bad form, plain and simple. As Manziel’s Browns teammate Joe Haden said about the rookie’s off-the-field activities sometimes it’s best to keep things on the down-low, and that includes keeping one’s friends in check, especially as it relates to social media usage.

“You need to have a phone valet,” Haden said. “Tell your friends ‘put your phones away.’ We’re going to go out and have a good time and just don’t record what you’re doing.”

That certainly would be a pretty good start. Manziel appears to be pretty steadfast in his inclination to have a good time when he isn’t working. Being more discrete about it wouldn’t hurt.

But for now, while the 21-year-old acclimates to life as a professional football player and all the trappings and pressure that come along with it, lay off, people, would ya? Stop harshing Johnny Football’s mellow, man. You dig?

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