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MLB Network debuts ‘Ryan Dempster and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ (video)

Ryan Dempster may be taking off the 2014 MLB season — and leaving $13.25 million on the table by doing so — but that does not mean he has retreated from the public eye. In fact, in light of the former (current?) Boston Red Sox pitcher’s role as color studio analyst on MLB Network’s “MLB Tonight” — color being the operative word — his profile may have even been elevated to some degree.

Speaking of color and elevated, both terms were in play when the wisenheimers at MLB Network decided to have a little fun at Dempster’s expense, making light of his trademark flashiness as it relates to his wardrobe choices and unique fashion sense.

After chronicling how Dempster was being razzed on social media about his flashy suits, a little video wizardry was employed to cause the analyst’s already-loud red suit to change from one outrageous neon color to another. It truly was quite the bizarre scene.

Of course, Dempster’s keenly off-kilter eye for style has been long-documented, as illustrated by the outrageous suit he wore during last year’s World Series while traveling…


…a look that only can be referred to as “Tangled Up in Plaid.” Hoo boy.