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Dioner Navarro tries to turn double into inside-the-park homer, fails (video)

Catchers, by nature, typically are not the fleetest of foot, which is probably why they should never attempt something on the basepaths that relies on speed.

Such was the case on Thursday, when Toronto Blue Jays catcher Dioner Navarro attempted to leg out an inside-the-park home run after a sequence of gaffes in the field by the Chicago White Sox allowed Navarro to make the ill-fated decision to turn a sure double into an unconventional round-tripper.

Technically, given the fact that the play involved errors, it wouldn’t have been scored an inside-the-park home run, but give the guy a break.

After shooting the ball to deep left field for a double in the bottom of the fifth inning, Navarro bolted for third when White Sox outfielder Dayan Viciedo mishandled the ball, dropping it as he tumbled backwards on the warning track.

That fielding gaffe was matched by center fielder Leury Garcia, who made a throwing error while relaying the ball to the infield.

That’s when Navarro bolted for home. Suffice to say, it did not work out, as he was out by a mile, even after trying to do a little jig in a futile attempt to elude the tag of ChiSox catcher Adrian Nieto.

What a weird play. The third base coach should have known better. Watching Navarro lumber around third base should have been more than sufficient reason to raise his arms up and say, “Easy, big fella.”

To be fair, Navarro did not appear to have any hitch in his giddy-up, though, as he sped towards home. You know, at least for a catcher, that is.