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Cleveland Cavaliers’ Andrew Wiggins draft shirt may cause seizures (photo)


Sweet fancy Moses! Talk about ocular overload!

The Cleveland Cavaliers clearly are pretty darn proud of their selection of Andrew Wiggins as the number one overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Either that or the person in charge of creating an official draft shirt to commemorate the moment is an unhinged individual hellbent on causing irreversible eye damage —  possibly even inducing some minor seizures in some folks — at worst and massive headaches for anyone who gazes upon it at best.

Seriously, the shirt is a hot mess. It has so much going on — what’s with all the different fonts, graphics and logos and whatnot — it resembles the television screen Frito is watching “Ow My Balls!” on in “Idiocracy.”


In other words, it’s not a good look. Weird stuff, man. And it will only cost a person $20 at the Cleveland Cavaliers team store. Talk about a steal. Just don’t wear it around anyone susceptible to migraines.