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Young Astros fan gets slapped by sister after licking baseball (video)


There’s not really much to add to this video that highlights how a young Houston Astros fan, for some bizarre reason known only to him, made the decision to lick a baseball he managed to track down in the seats after second baseman Jose Altuve fouled it off into the stands Wednesday night at Minute Maid Park.

Well, there’s one thing to add, I suppose: Gross. Very, very gross.

This is a rare instance when an older sibling — in this case, an older sister — was perfectly justified in slapping a younger sibling. I mean, the kid totally deserved it. Because, you know … gross.

Although it appears the little brother may have licked the ball just so his sister wouldn’t want to touch it. You know that old bit. Nasty, but often effective. But was it worth it? I’d say licking something that has been handled by multiple people with grubby hands and further compromised by rolling around in the abject, sticky and grimy filth typical of the surface below ballpark seats just … well, it ain’t right.