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Bryce Harper wearing protective pad on thumb that resembles an oven mitt (pics)


Bryce Harper currently is playing some baseball with the Single-A Potomac Nationals in a rehab assignment as he continues his recovery and comeback following thumb surgery earlier this season.

Going with the old philosophy that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the young Washington Nationals slugger was sporting an interesting accessory on his hand in order to help shield his surgically repaired thumb from any excessive contact or undue stress as it continues to heal.

The protective glove-pad-type-thingamajig resembles a padded oven mitt more than anything else.

The oven mitt protective glove is the same thing teammate Ryan Zimmerman sported when he returned from a broken thumb earlier this month. Harper used the fact that he and Zimmerman have opted to rock the mitt as comedic fodder, joking that since the two both have one, they might as well put them to good use off the field.

“We’re gonna go bake,” Harper cracked.

Now that would be a sight to see, although being unaware of the duo’s cooking abilities, it may not be a good idea to eat anything whipped up and baked by these two guys. Unless it was cooked in an Easy Bake Oven … then it would be alright.

The mitt pad thingy seems to be doing the trick, though, as Harper appears to be comfortable wearing it.

Harper said he felt a vibration in his thumb Monday night, but the solid contact he made Tuesday prevented the painful twinge. “I felt really good today,” Harper said. He tested his thumb when he slid into second base feet-first with two outs despite the lack of a close play. He dragged his left hand behind him, and with a black pad that resembled a small oven mitt covering his hand, Harper had no issues.

Not only is it functional, it’s also a pretty snazzy fashion accessory. Just imagine how nicely the black mitt would compliment Harper’s cool new t-shirt. Talk about styling.

[D.C. Sports Bog, image credit: Potomac Nationals]