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Young fan freaking on Marlins Fan Cam the greatest thing ever (even if it’s fake) (video)


A Vine video of a young Miami Marlins that recently surfaced is taking the Internet by storm, although it is not going viral without some controversy.

The video, purportedly from a Marlins game earlier this season, thankfully was brought to our collective attention courtesy of the Sporting News video host Rayven Tirado, who claims it was passed along to her by an old co-worker of hers at the Marlins.

The video features a young, highly excitable Marlins fan absolutely freaking out after being caught on the team’s Fan Cam, who proceeds to jump up, lift up his shirt — all with his tongue sticking out, mind you — before culminating his hyper-kinetic get-down with a frantic, gyrating sequence of pelvic thrusts that even Elvis Presley himself would say, “Take it down a notch, young fella.”

Watch and be amazed.

Absolutely mesmerizing. Hysterically hypnotic, even.

This brings us to where the controversy comes in. As noted by SB Nation, the Score’s Josh Gold-Smith claims to have a source in MLB Advanced Media who argues the video may be a hoax as there is no way this kind of Fan Cam brilliance ever would have eluded the folks in the department. No way, no how.

That assertion certainly falls within the realm of possibility because it’s not every day something this great comes along without being noticed by someone somewhere, especially given the amount of eyes MLBAM has on each and every game being played and every feed from every ballpark in Major League Baseball.

Either way — and in the end — who really cares if it is real or not? If this were footage from a film or some kind of computer-generated animation, we’d still be captivated by it. It’s just that good. It’s nearly impossible not to watch over and over.

Let’s face it: Legitimate or not, real or fake, an actual video culled from the Marlins Fan Cam or some perfectly constructed piece of fabricated footage, its simply fantastic. And really, as far as viral videos are concerned, that’s all that really matters.

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