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San Antonio billboard praises Tim Duncan’s loyalty over LeBron James’ royalty (pic)


A snarky billboard has become a common means through which fans or some other entity or organization can troll or criticize a rival or alternatively praise a hometown hero. A billboard erected this week in San Antonio accomplishes both, praising Tim Duncan for what is deemed as his noteworthy and praiseworthy qualities while simultaneously slamming LeBron James for his regal-based moniker.

The billboard, located at U.S. Highway 281 and Donella Drive on San Antonio’s North Side asserts that Tim Duncan’s loyalty is greater than LeBron James’ royalty.

Of course, the zinger is in reference to the announcement on Monday that Duncan would exercise the option on his contract for 2014-15 and return to the San Antonio Spurs for an 18th season By doing so, Duncan will earn a paltry, franchise-friendly $10.3 million.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed on Tuesday that LeBron James — King James to all us peasants — had exercised the early termination option on his contract with the Miami Heat and pursue free agency.

Of course, LeBron could return to the Heat regardless of his opting for free agency, but the stark contrast between what Duncan elected to do this offseason and the course James is chartering this summer is a telling and substantial difference between the two superstars and how they go about their respective business.

This isn’t the first time a sign has been erected in San Antonio touting the superiority of the Spurs and its players and the Heat and their assembled roster of three superstars and pieced-together bit players. During the NBA Finals, the below billboard appeared in the San Antonio area.

Both billboards do a good job of telling it like it is — at least from a Spurs fan’s perspective — but to be truly an expert piece of trolling, it would have been far better had the signs been erected in Miami, not San Antonio. The town already fervently backs the Spurs, so the billboard wasn’t necessary in some respects. Had it been erected in South Beach … now that would have been a brilliantly deployed troll job. How much would that billboard stick in the craws of Heat fans now, especially in light of the news regarding LeBron’s possible exodus from Miami? Ouch.

[FOX Sports,, top image courtesy of @latbbolch]