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Nightmare Fuel

Nigeria’s Michael Babatunde appears to have arm broken by teammate’s shot (GIF)


A frighteningly horrific scene played out during the Nigeria-Argentina match on Wednesday when a shot off the foot of a Nigerian player drilled his teammate in the arm, resulting in what appears to be a catastrophically nasty injury.

After taking a big run at the ball, Ogenyi Onazi unleashed an absolute blast from about 10 yards outside the box. Unfortunately, the first thing the ball caught was the right arm of teammate Michael Babatunde, who had barely a split second to react before the ball made brutal impact with his arm.

And the results are … um … not for the squeamish.

And that’s putting it mildly as Babatunde’s arm does something an arm should not do: It quivers as it absorbs the brute force of the ball, shaking and bending as if it were a wet noodle upon impact.

Again, it’s not for the squeamish.  That’s your last warning.

Here you go. Buckle up (via Business Insider):



Good. Lord. Yeah, that arm is all busted up. No way around it.

Suffice to say, Babatunde’s day was over as he was carted off the field. But let’s be honest, given what you just watched, you knew that already.