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Kid does sick celebration dance after catching pass from Colin Kaepernick (video)


Colin Kaepernick held a football camp for kids over the weekend at St. Ignatius College Preparatory and from the photos taken at the event it certainly looks like a good time was had by one and all.

Bearing the heavily sponsor-laden name of “Citi Colin Kaepernick Football ProCamp in partnership with State Farm” — seriously, why not tack on a “As Sponsored by _____” at the end of it? — the wee lads and lasses had the opportunity to not only engage in football-related activities with a true NFL superstar, some of them had the chance for some one-on-one play with the Niners signal-caller.

A video from the camp that surfaced over the weekend that is generating a lot of buzz this week is how one little kid busted out a pretty nifty celebration dance after catching a pass from the San Francisco 49ers quarterback that was equal parts sick, expertly executed and, let’s face it, absolutely charming.

Check out the moves the precocious youngster drops on Kaepernick and the camp attendees after hauling in the toss.

Fantastic. This kid has got a future … in something. If not football, as a celebration dance choreographer for star athletes. You know, like the “Homer Simpson Showboating Academy” or whatever.

Heh. “Simpsons” references.

[H/T Niners Nation]