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Johnny Manziel visiting LeBron’s charity HQ in Akron is a sign … or it isn’t (photo)


With the wheel of speculation nearly spinning of its axle courtesy of reports coming in so fast no one can keep track of them regarding the future of LeBron James, every single thing the superstar does, says and tweets — or even does not do, not say or not tweet — are being meticulously parsed, picked apart and over-analyzed in an attempt to glean any sort of sign or indication about what exactly he is thinking regarding his free agency plans.

Now that he’s a free agent, everyone is trying to figure out — prematurely, mind you — which team LeBron is favoring and how that may jibe with which teams are going to make a run at him and why some teams make more sense than other teams and so on and so forth. It’s a huge, brain-cramping — and at this point, unnecessary — exercise in futility.

But that will not stop folks from trying to see some sign in the fact that James posted a photo of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel paying a visit to the headquarters of the LeBron James Family Foundation in Akron, Ohio, on Tuesday.

LeBron wrote on Facebook: “S/O to my guy Johnny Manziel! Stopped by HQ today. #OurHomeIsYourHome #RWTW #IPROMISE #LetsGoBrowns #BestTeamInTheWorld #LRMR.”

Of course, the social media missive is rife with an overabundance of hashtags and of course, there is plenty of opportunity to make a misguided stab at what it all means.

Does it mean that LeBron is headed back to Cleveland to be near his hometown and charitable foundation? Will he be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers? Is this a smokescreen? Is King James planning to team up with Manziel to create some kind of two-headed, Cleveland-based sports Leviathan?

Actually, the likely explanation for the Facebook post is less sexy, less interesting and definitely much less of a sign indicating anything about LeBron’s future in the NBA.

Essentially, Manziel shares the same representation as James — LRMR Management (hence the #LRMR hashtag) — and the rookie quarterback happened to be in the area and decided to drop by and pay his pal’s charitable foundation a visit. Nothing more, nothing less.

But … what about that #OurHomeIsYourHome hashtag? That’s gotta mean something, right? Right?

Actually, no. But that does not mean someone won’t believe that it does. And this is going to go on all summer, or at least until James decides what comes next in his NBA career.

In the end, LeBron and his wife and family make their home part-time in Ohio and now Johnny Manziel makes his home part-time in Ohio. And while in the area, Manziel did his pal a solid and paid a visit to his charity. That’s it.