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Marshawn Lynch’s atrocious golf swing a mesmerizing mess (GIFs)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may be a punishing presence on the gridiron, but as far as golf courses are concerned, the only punishment occurring involving Lynch is felt by the people bearing witness to his atrocious golf swing.

Lynch hit the links on Monday for “The Big Golf Game,” a charitable event benefiting his Fam 1st Family Foundation. And as you can see above, Lynch is obviously not a golfer. His swing is flat-out terrible … Charles Barkley-level “turrible,” in fact.

But hey, it was all for charity. And quite frankly, who is going to razz a man known for going “Beast Mode” about his golf swing.

Maybe a pre-round snack of Skittles would have helped. Or perhaps Lynch would have fared better had some patrons had showered Lynch with his favorite snack while the running back was on the tee box.

Actually, there’s really nothing that could have made it much worse. From the swing to the results, everything involving Lynch’s golf game is one hot mess.

Here’s another look-see at the disastrous debacle:


Hoo boy. More like “Least Mode,” am I right?

(GIFs via Eye on Golf, Terez Owens)