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In other LeBron James news, his ‘Cramp Game’ jersey is up for auction (photo)


With each and every NBA analyst bloviating, Miami Heat fans consternating and the average NBA fan, um, doing something involving a word ending with “-ating,” (I came up empty) over the news that LeBron James has exercised his early termination clause in his contract to become a free agent, let us take a step back, catch our collective breath and focus upon something related to the best basketball player on the planet that does not involve endless and premature speculation regarding his future:

The NBA is auctioning off the sweat-stained jersey King James wore during the first half of his now-infamous “Cramp Game.”


What a get that would be, right? The winner of the auction will be able to take a whiff of the stench that was LeBron’s agony. Possibly. Maybe it has been laundered.

Of course, LeBron came up gimpy due to excessive cramping during Game 1 of the NBA Finals a few weeks back after the cooling system at the San Antonio Spurs’ AT&T Center malfunctioned, prompting the game to be played in nearly unbearable conditions. James ultimately left the game in the 4th quarter as the Spurs won Game 1 on the way to completely dismantling the Heat, winning the NBA title in five games.

LeBron’s unfortunately timed cramping in such a big game gave rise to a free-for-all of vitriolic yet amusing mockery and savagery online.

But now, an item directly related to James’ misery can be a source of great joy … for the right collector of sports memorabilia and more importantly, for the right price. And by “right price,” I of course mean a king’s ransom — pun intended — because as of 2:36 ET on Tuesday, the current winning bid is sitting at $25,000. And there are seven days remaining in the auction.

The jersey already likely was to attract great interest and ultimately garner a tidy sum, but biven the big news concerning LeBron that broke on Tuesday, the fact that the jersey may be one that LeBron may never don again makes it that much more valuable.

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