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John Danks victimized by the old ‘Cup Placed on Baseball Cap’ prank (video)

Hijinks, tomfoolery and skullduggery were in play in the Chicago White Sox dugout during the team’s game against the Baltimore Orioles on Monday night, as pitcher John Danks fell victim to a tried-but-true prank that nevertheless fails to delight each and every time it is perpetrated.

Yep, an unknowing Danks was utilized as comedic fodder when some pranksters in the dugout inconspicuously placed a cup atop his head. The true measure of the effectiveness of this kind of prank is the amount of time the victim unknowingly sits there looking like an idiot — or, more accurately, given the nature and appearance of the placed cup — a dunce.

And with that critical component in mind — the duration said cup remains on said head — the prank went off terrifically. Danks even strolls around the dugout for a few moments before realizing something is askew … while everyone around him stifling their laughter in silent mockery.

Well done, ChiSox. Brilliantly conceived and expertly executed.