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EA Sports officially unveils ‘Madden 15’ cover featuring only Richard Sherman (photo)


Despite his best efforts to get his fellow “Legion of Boom” cohorts on the cover with him, Richard Sherman appears alone on the cover of “Madden 25,” as EA Sports officially unveiled the solo Sherman cover online on Tuesday with the following poorly cropped image of the covers:

Of course, this is somewhat old news as multiple sources have leaked the believed-to-be cover over the past few days.

Still, it looks nice enough, although one has to wonder if Richard Sherman will boycott EA Sports over the perceived slight of not acquiescing to his demands. Probably not, as their transgression pales in comparison to what the Seattle media allegedly did to the Seahawks cornerback.

As is always the case, the game, with a scheduled release date of Aug. 26, already is causing gamers to salivate with teases from EA Sports highlighting graphics, gameplay, etc., such as the one below, also tweeted by the video game giant.

Looks pretty nifty. Between this video and the fact that the game also will include Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos, who else cannot wait to get their mitts on the game with all its new bells and whistles?

But really, if you’re anything like me — that is, you know, old — you’ll buy the game, play it for a few weeks and then in a couple of months wonder why you’re not playing it anymore. But hey, at least you can see Richard Sherman whenever you look at the cover while realizing you don’t have time to devote to playing video games any longer. Yeah, it kinda stinks, but I digress.