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Woman sheds dress before throwing out first pitch at Korean baseball game (video)


Since I cannot speak/read/understand Korean, sadly not much background or information can be provided regarding the identity of the lovely young woman who recently threw out a ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game in Korea. In all likelihood she is an actress, pop singer or something.

No context can be provided either as to why she decided to sport a lovely red dress out to the mound only to remove it to reveal a team jersey underneath.

Well done. And the pitch wasn’t half-bad, either. Still, it’s difficult to establish just what in the heck is going on here.

One thing that can be gleaned, however, simply from watching the video: Korean baseball teams do ceremonial first pitches much, much better than we Americans. 50 Cent’s absurdly awful effort at competently accomplishing a first pitch attempt before a New York Mets game earlier this season is all the evidence needed to establish that fact, although there are many, many other embarrassing examples.

And better yet? This ballplayer watching the action from the dugout certainly would agree, as whatever he’s doing here sure seemed to indicate that he thoroughly enjoyed the action.

Nope. Nothing awkward about that.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]