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Self-proclaimed ‘puck bunny’ shamed by Detroit Red Wings Twitter account


When “Kaylee G,” a self-proclaimed “puck bunny” a/k/a “Hockey Groupie” (we know this because she added the hashtag “Puckbunny” to the offending tweet) offered up a tweet where she sold herself short by indicating her dream was to marry a Detroit Red Wings player, the snarkmesiters behind the team’s official Twitter account had some sobering, arguably mean-spirited, advice for the young woman, suggesting that she aim a bit higher in life.

Ouch, man. That’s cold-blooded, wouldn’t you say? Still, the intent likely wasn’t meant to come across quite so meanly, right?

The reactions of the Twittersphere apparently were similarly of a negative nature, as the young woman has since made her account private. But the online Twitter presence of the Red Wings kept hammering away at her nevertheless when responding to other folk’s tweets regarding her setting the bar so low for her life goals:

Ouch, man, again. And at the same time, a very enlightening sentiment, especially in this day and age. Overall, the Red Wings’ original tweet responding to the young lady’s thoughts arguably was a bit of an overreaction, but to be fair, whoever wrote it is correct in asserting she should aim higher. So there you go.

[H/T SB Nation]