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NBA reportedly moving league logo to back of unis, perhaps clearing space for ads?


The NBA reportedly intend to move the league’s logo from the front of team jerseys to the back of the jerseys, a locational change that despite being called simply a “stylistic move” by a league source prompts speculation that the NBA may be clearing the way for some highly coveted ad space on the front of team uniforms.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver insisted when discussing the topic during an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio show in April that ads on jerseys are not only “inevitable,” he also said he believes such a move was a “viable” one as well.

Estimates of the annual revenues that could be generated from putting ads on jerseys are put in the $100 million range, meaning Silver’s mention of “viable” is just as much in the sense of the windfall of profits it would generate for the league as much as anything else.

Eighteen of the league’s thirty teams currently have its team logo in the location where the NBA plans to put the famous red, white and blue league logo. A league official confirmed to that those teams will replace franchise logos with the league logo.

The unveiling of the new uniforms of the re-branded Charlotte Hornets where the NBA logo is located above player names on the back of the jersey fueled the initial speculation that something may be afoot regarding making way for advertising space.

hornets-jersey-2 hornets-jersey-1

But until an official announcement is made by the NBA regarding the incorporation of ads on jerseys — something that surely causes purists to shudder and traditionalists to cringe — it will remain purely a speculative matter. But with a $1 million carrot dangling in front of the league and its owners, it’s something that almost certainly will happen sooner rather than later.