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Ball fired back at Matt Joyce after he hits ball back into pitching machine (video)

During batting practice on Thursday before the Tampa Bay Rays hosted the Houston Astros at Tropicana Field, Rays designated hitter Matt Joyce hit a million-to-one shot that probably could not be replicated even if he tried to do it again, um, a million times.

While taking some swings in the cage, Joyce somehow hit a ball that caromed off the netting above him only to bounce right back into the pitching machine … and the ball was fired right back at him.

Thankfully, Joyce was walking away from the plate instead of across it, so the unexpected ball didn’t drill him square in the back or somewhere even worse and much more painful.

Such a painful experience would be further compounded by, say, Joyce’s experience with a ball being fired back at him was akin to Frank Costanza’s uncomfortable experience with “Fusilli Jerry, prompting an awkward conversation in the emergency room where the only thing Joyce could have said to the examining doctor was, “It was a million-to-one-shot, Doc …  million to one.”

Of course the “million to one” reference was made above only because all the “one-in-a-million” talk that preceded it reminded me of that painfully awkward and awkwardly painful “Seinfeld” scene. Something like that occurring with a baseball during batting practice would have changed this incident involving Joyce into something more like a “trillion-to-one shot,” perhaps even more.

Joyce’s strange experience didn’t really translate to on-the-field success later on Thursday, as he went 1-4. But the woefully struggling Rays did manage to blank the ‘Stros by the score of 5-0, so that’s nice.

(GIF via Cut4)