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Caroline Wozniacki now being treated like crap on the tennis court, too (GIF)


Given the reportedly shabby treatment Caroline Wozniacki has been on the receiving end as of late given the revelations that surfaced regarding the brutally insensitive manner in which fiance Rory McIlroy unceremoniously dumped her — allegedly during a brief phone call — one would think her colleagues on the women’s tennis tour would be willing to give her a “fair shake” (pun intended), even after an upsetting loss. I mean, give the girl a break, right?

But no, apparently her troubling off-the-court life is being paralleled in her on-the-court life, too.

That was indeed the case following Miss Wozniacki’s victory over Camila Giorgi at a Wimbledon warmup tournament the other day, when she was victimized by an extremely brusque handshake at the net.

Sure, Giorgi is something of a notoriously poor sport and reportedly was victimized by some questionable calls during Woz’s 6-7 (7), 6-4, 6-2 win, but the way in which she comes in quickly with an extended hand only to coldly slap her opponent’s hand before briskly storming off the court is some “Mean Girls” level stuff right there.

Giorgi better be careful. As noted before, Wozniacki is the personification of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” in light of her “witch’s brew” tweet that appeared to doom and curse McIlroy during a tournament shortly after she was dumped. Woz may pull the same kind of stuff on you, sister.