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Game-worn Bill Belichick hoodie reportedly sold at auction for $4,400 (photo)


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, while certainly no fashion icon, certainly has his own signature style. Once the temperatures begin to cool as the season moves into late fall, the curmudgeonly coach almost always will don a Patriots hoodie.

It has become such a popular item synonymous with the gruff coach that the Patriots even sell versions of it in the team’s online store.

But the arguably unkempt appearance of a ratty hooded sweatshirt doesn’t quite cut it — and Belichick is apparently a “roll-up-his-sleeves-but-doesn’t-have-the-time” sort of guy, so he opts to instead simply cut off the sleeves at about elbow length.

It’s certainly a look — let’s call it “Hobo Chic” — and apparently, a Belichickian disciple so coveted a game-worn cut-off hoodie that he or she plunked down a reported $4,404 for it, according to a tweet Thursday from Darren Rovell.

Seems like a tidy sum to pay for something one typically would see a vagrant down by the train tracks wearing. But the fact that Belichick wore it on a game day certainly raises its value, although perhaps not to the $4,400 level.

It even appears to have some kind of a white stain on the front of it, and in an attempt to maintain some semblance of good taste, no comparisons will be made to Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress. I guess asserting that one will not make a reference by describing the reference is in fact making the reference, so please accept my apologies for plumbing the depths of crass 1990s-era pop culture references. It’s probably Wite-Out, sideline chalk or Tzatziki sauce from a halftime gyro or some such thing.

Moving on from that, this is just another example of how fans will often pay nearly absurd prices for a piece of sports memorabilia.