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Alex Rodriguez reportedly drops lawsuit against New York Yankees team doctor


It’s easy to forget, but there’s a guy who used to so dominate Major League Baseball headlines to such an alarming — and annoying — degree that it seemed like sports fans were powerless against being pulled into the inescapable gravitational pull of his unchecked ego, shameless narcissism and often-enraging cockiness.

That man? Alex Rodriguez. Yeah, you remember the guy, right? The New York Yankees’ third base-playing superstar-turned-pariah who currently is serving a season-long suspension due to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal? Well, he’s back in the news again.

Why? Because apparently, his knee-jerk proclivity for excessive litigiousness that primarily involved filing lawsuit after lawsuit in a desperate attempt to worm out of his suspension went out not with a bang but a whimper.

A-Rod reportedly has dropped his lawsuit against Christopher Ahmad, the New York Yankees team doctor he sued for medical malpractice, according to papers filed in Bronx Supreme Court last on Thursday, meaning he will have more time for impromptu jams with Mariachi bands, possibly.

The lawsuit, which also named New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, has been “discontinued with prejudice,” meaning Rodriguez cannot file a similar suit now or in the future.

Rodriguez accused Ahmad of misreading an MRI on his hip during the 2012 MLB Playoffs, resulting in a misdiagnosis that ultimately left A-Rod opting for surgery in January 2013.

“Dr. Christopher Ahmad is pleased that Alex Rodriguez has voluntarily withdrawn his claims, demonstrating, as we have always held, that Dr. Ahmad’s care was appropriate. Dr. Ahmad wishes Mr. Rodriguez the best for his future,” Peter Crean, Ahmad’s attorney, told the Daily News.

What makes the withdrawal of the lawsuit notable is it was the only remaining vestige of A-Rod’s bitter legal battle with Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, the Players Association as well as the Yankees, essentially any person or entity who stood in his way of pursuing his now-tarnished big league career.

Perhaps Rodriguez finally has accepted that what’s done is done, and he would be best served by meekly attempting to mend the fences he so irreparably damaged with his many lawsuits, which, with the benefit of time and hindsight, now seem incredibly short-sighted.

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