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Rickie Fowler annoys hacks everywhere, shoots a 110 playing left-handed (videos)

Rickie Fowler, when playing right-handed arguably is one of best golfers on the planet. And in a development that is sure to at least annoy hack golfers everywhere, Fowler managed to card a 110 after switching things up and playing golf opposite-handed.

Yep, Fowler shot a freaking 110 while playing as a lefty on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time Fowler has showed off his left-handed prowess, either, as he, Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson took a crack at Sawgrass No. 17 opposite-handed before The Players Championship last month.

Joined by fellow PGA Tour golfer Cameron Tringale (going by Mac Triangles), “Richard Flowers” played an entire 18 holes left-freaking-handed.

Granted, the above video looks more like someone like me hitting a regular golf shot while hacking my way up, down and around a course (military style, of course: Left, right, left, back-and-forth across opposite sides of the fairway) with my normal (terrible) swing.

But Fowler posted a photo of the round’s scorecard, providing ample evidence that the round must have had some pretty decent shots as well.

Fowler carded 50 on the front nine and fell off a bit on the back, putting up a 60. And Tringale carded a 117, but still, that’s left-handed, man. Hardly seem fair, right? Here I am chunking and duffing my way around the course scrambling to play competent golf and Fowler can go out, screw around and hit a 110. Sure, 110 ain’t a great score, but what would you hit hitting opposite-handed? Personally, I wouldn’t even attempt it, as odds are I’d somehow hurt myself in the process.

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