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Man, the Texas Rangers are damn serious about getting rid of ‘The Wave’ (photo)


Earlier this week, we greeted with great joy and full support the effort by the Texas Rangers to put the permanent kibosh on fans doing “The Wave” at Globe Life Ball Park in Arlington during the team’s home games. The team attempted to do so by issuing a warning about the risk of injury while participating in the silly act, a humorous means to get the point across. Presumably. Because people can’t really get hurt doing “The Wave,” right?

I have already said (or wrote) my piece about the utter stupidity and profound ridiculousness regarding the fact that fans still do “The Wave” at sporting events, so readers will be spared from it being spelled out again in this here post. But, given what occurred during Thursday night’s game against the Seattle Mariners, the Rangers brass — or the folks running the ballpark and its Jumbotron — are damn serious about completely eradicating the practice, albeit while doing so in a joking manner.

When fans apparently began doing “The Wave” despite the team’s previous warnings, the Rangers issued another stern message via the Jumbotron, threatening to turn off the ballpark’s air conditioning if fans did not stop doing it.

It’s funny, you see, because the Rangers home ballpark is an outdoor facility. To further up the humor quotient, as noted in the message, it specifically involves when a Texas team plays a team from Miami.

Of course, the A/C reference is of course a nod to the air conditioning breaking down at AT&T Center during Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and in-state San Antonio Spurs, a malfunction that contributed to LeBron James coming down with severe cramps, subsequently becoming the target of Internet-wide ridicule.

Funny, right? Well done, Rangers. Well done, indeed.