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At least Miami Heat fans had the good sense to boo before leaving early (vid/pics)


Again, same as it ever was. But this time, it was warranted and perfectly justifiable. At least they had the good sense to reportedly boo the team before they walked out in understandable disgust.

Much like they did during Game 3, Miami Heat fans headed for the exits early after being forced to witness yet another woefully sub-par performance by the home squad as the Heat got trounced by the San Antonio Spurs by a score of 107-86, the second-straight blowout loss for Miami at AmericanAirlines Center.

Not that most fans saw the final score in person, as scores of them poured out of the arena, spilling out into the streets likely dumbfounded, unsure of what has transpired over the past two games on the team’s home court, where the Heat have been virtually unbeatable during the playoffs.

The mass exodus really began in full with about five minutes remaining in the 4th quarter with the Heat down big time, with literally no real chance of staging a monumental comeback.

Some looks at fans exiting stage right and how vacant the seats were as the game reached its long-forgone conclusion: An epically brutal home loss.

Yeesh. Again, while Heat fans have been castigated, criticized and slammed for leaving games early, as a whole the Heat fan base was entirely justified in splitting, as no fan should have to sit through that kind of putrid display of basketball.

Although the Spurs certainly had some part in the thorough dismantling of the Heat in two straight games.

With a 3-1 stranglehold on the Finals, there’s a good chance Heat fans won’t have the luxury of leaving early again … at least this season.

[H/T Bleacher Report, top image via @jose3030]