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After a whopping 178 starts, Max Scherzer finally pitches first complete game

in an utterly unexpected and mind-blowing development, Detroit Tigers starter and 2013 AL Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer pitched his first career complete game after 178 previous starts, which was the longest active streak in the majors.

Scherzer went the distance on Thursday night against the Chicago White Sox in a 4-0 shutout, allowing only three hits while striking out eight in 113 pitches.

Had Tigers manager Brad Ausmus came to him and asked for the ball on the mound or told him his night was over in the dugout?

“If they would’ve said anything, I would’ve told them, ‘I have the ball,'” Scherzer said., via

Added Ausmus, “He came off the mound at the end of eight and you really didn’t have to ask him, you knew he was going back out.”

The list of longest streaks of starts without a complete game does include some notable names — or at least recognizable names — given that a pitcher has to be doing something somewhat decently in order to stick around long enough, but none with the pedigree nor the success of Scherzer.

Another interesting tidbit about the list: It is littered with names of pitchers from the most recent eras of baseball, although that’s hardly surprising given pitchers were expected to go the distance way back when instead of the current way pitchers are managed with pitch counts and specialized roles.

Still, Scherzer is incredibly relieved to finally notch a complete game, something that proved to be more elusive for a pitcher with Scherzer’s ability and talent that what would be expected.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “I finally got the monkey off my back, finally was able to go nine and finish the deal. So it’s a great feeling.”