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Mets reliever Carlos Torres punches himself in head after blowing game (GIF)


New York Mets reliever Carlos Torres had an appearance to be forgotten on Thursday night. Actually, it was the kind of outing that likely left Torres wishing for a frontal lobotomy, anything to help him forget how he gave up four runs on seven hits and a walk to the Milwaukee Brewers during an inning of work in the top of the 13th in a 5-1 loss at Citi Field.

On the other hand, given how Torres reacted to his woeful outing on the mound once he got to the dugout, a lobotomy may not be necessary to forget the debacle of a pitching performance, as Torres conducted an impromptu round of physical self-flagellation by punching himself in the head repeatedly while seated on the bench, first with a couple of haymakers with his right hand and then a quick jab with his left, presumably to keep himself off balance and unsure where the next punch was coming from. Quite the pugilist this guy.

I mean he really lays into himself, raining blow upon blow upside his cranium. But hey, at least he had the good sense to drape a towel over his head before using it like a punching bag.

Meet the Mets? More like “Beat the Met,” amirite?

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