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Eli Manning says Peyton is the better QB but he’s the better lover


It’s hardly surprising that Peyton Manning and Eli Manning share a healthy competitive streak between each other as it relates to their respective success on the football field. But when it comes to matters regarding activities away from the gridiron — some of which in retrospect we were better off not knowing — Eli recently revealed who reigns supreme in certain activities that take place far, far away from the gridiron.

Putting it in terms of their respective NFL teams, Peyton may be the prevailing Bronco on the football field as it relates to the brothers, but when it comes to more tawdry pursuits, apparently Eli is the Giant of the brothers in the sack.

In a perfect example of “Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid,” Eli Manning revealed that he believes he’s better between the sheets than his older brother Peyton.

Gross. The mere thought that either of these two engage in … take part in … get it o-… nope, not going there. Never mind. Perish the thought. Moving on here…

During an interview Wednesday on “Jay Mohr Sports” on Fox Sports Radio, Eli did concede that while bro Pey-Pey is a superior quarterback, the Denver Broncos signal-caller cannot match his prowess in the bedroom.

Again, yuck.

The jokingly boastful comment during which the New York Giants professed his sexual superiority over his brother came during a “Pop Quiz” segment where he could only answer “Me” or “Peyton.” It played out as follows.

Mohr: “I’m going to give you a pop quiz, and your answer is either you or Peyton…..”

Mohr: “Who is your mom’s favorite?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who dresses better?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Whose is your dad’s favorite?”

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who’s cleaner?”

Manning: “Me.“

Mohr: “Who gives better advice?”

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who reads more?

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better lover?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who cooks better?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who drives better?”

Manning: “Definitely me.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better quarterback?”

Manning: “Peyton’s got me.”

That’s all well and good and obviously Manning was having some fun with the irreverent line of questioning, but what we all want to know is: Where does Cooper rank in the Manning Brothers hierarchy as it relates to sexual virility?

Actually, scratch that. No one really wants to know the answer to that question, right? Contemplating the relative sexual prowess of two Manning Brothers is bad enough. No need to throw Cooper into the mix as well.

Again, gross.

(for background on that absurd photo above, please refer to this post)