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Yoenis Cespedes unleashes cannon throw, guns out baserunner at home (video)

Yoenis Cespedes made his case for being the early frontrunner for “Throw of the Year” with an absolute laser throw from the left field corner to retire baserunner Howie Kendrick during the eighth inning of Tuesday’s Oakland Athletics-Los Angeles Angels tilt.

With Kendrick on first after being given a free pass, Mike Trout lined a base hit down the left field line. Complicating matters — and causing the need for a perfect throw in the first place — is how Cespedes misplayed Trout’s hit in the first place, allowing the ball to bounce off his glove and carom into foul territory deep in the corner.

As Trout strolled into 2nd base with an easy double, Kendrick broke for home. Undeterred by his misplay, Cespedes calmly scooted over, picked up the ball and unleashed his cannon arm, retiring Kendrick at home with an absolute bomb of a throw that was sublime perfection. It also preserved the 1-1 tie late in the game.

Seriously, he could not have thrown that ball any better. Notice of A’s catcher Derek Norris didn’t have too move one inch to field the throw. Jebus.

Unfortunately, Cespedes’ flawless throw that saved a run wasn’t enough, as the Angels went on to win 2-1 in 14 innings.

[GIFs via Eye on Baseball]