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Yasiel Puig gets over his fear of snakes by looking terrified by one (photo)

As far as we know, Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig is not afraid of many things. Being arrested while wearing pink short-shorts? Maybe. Not flipping the bat in an over-the-top manner every time he drives a ball. Possibly, but that’s less of a fear than it is an annoying habit.

According to a photo surfacing on the interwebs on Wednesday, we can definitely add at least one thing to the list of Puig’s fears: Snakes.

The clinical name for the irrational fear of snakes is ophidiophobia, and from the look of abject terror on Puig’s face while handling one Wednesday at theCincinnati Zoo (the Dodgers are in town for a four-game series with the Reds), he most certainly shares that affliction with millions of others on this planet.

The amusing photo above was posted on Wednesday by the Cincinnati Zoo. In its caption it reads, “Yasiel Puig faced his fear of snakes today.”

Sure, he faced them, but there’s no way in hell he conquered them. But to be honest, I’m getting the chills just looking at that beastly reptile encircling Puig’s neck. Talk about the heebie-jeebies, man.

Less terrifying for Puig was when he got up close to an elephant.

Now that’s along the lines of something even I could easily handle.