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Jumbotron warning alerts Texas Rangers fans to dangers of ‘The Wave’ (pic)


Sigh. Apparently, there has been a rash of injuries sustained by fans at Globe Life Park in Arlington during Texas Rangers games, the brain wizards behind the scenes at the ballpark made a decision to post a warning on the Jumbotron alerting fans to the dangers inherent to participating in “The Wave” during ballgames. In fact, it can be downright hazardous to one’s health, even.

Without getting into a prolonged rant on the topic, “The Wave,” in the first place, is an antiquated act of groupthink ridiculousness, an in-game antic that long ago should have been put out pasture.

“Oh, everybody is standing up in the same section at the same time in succession all around the stadium! I best take part, lest I don’t do my part to motivate the team because that’s what will fire up the home squad: Synchronized standing!”

In any event, how in the hell are people injuring themselves by participating in “The Wave.” Lightheartedness from standing up to quickly, resulting in blacking out and banging one’s head on a seat? Torn rotator cuffs from overdoing it while raising one’s arms? Choking on a peanut when yelling, “Whooo!”? Clumsily drilling a fan seated nearby with inadvertent elbows?

The last one apparently is what happened to the bobblehead used as a means to warn folks about the dire dangers of “The Wave” in the Jumbotron message. Either that or the shiner was the consequence of participating in “The Wave” in the first place when one unhinged fan hauled off and punched the bobblehead for participating in “The Wave” in the first place.

Still, the ridiculousness of the warning and the lack of information regarding the reasons behind posting it in the first place leaves so many questions unanswered. At the same time, even if those questions were answered we’d still be left with a patently absurd situation.

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