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Fans dress up like life-sized Chase Utley Bobbleheads, traumatize everyone (GIFs)


Tuesday night was “Chase Utley Bobblehead Night” at Citizens Bank Park (once the game actually got underway –two San Diego Padres players used the infield tarp as a ginormous “Slip’N Slide during the rain delay).

And while things appeared to go off without a hitch once the game got started, all was not well at the ballpark, as two Philadelphia Phillies fans chose to mark the occasion by dressing up like life-sized versions of what they believed a Chase Utley Bobblehead Doll might look like … or, in retrospect, what a Chase Utley Bobblehead Doll might look like if possessed by Satan.

Seriously, take a gander at a sight that can only be deemed as Grade-A, high octane nightmare fuel.


Good Lord. Not even Mac from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” would condone this kind of false idolatry, even if it was in honor of Utley, a ballplayer the character may admire and adore perhaps a bit too much in a far too creepy way…

Ha. Never gets old. And courtesy of Cut4, here’s a GIF sequence where the one Chase Utley Bobblehead Doll becomes more and more sinister.


GAH! Sweet mercy mother of God. Damn. Those guys didn’t need attention, they needed an exorcist.

(bobblehead image via @meferretti)