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Bobby Ramos elicits chuckles from LeBron and D-Wade with inane question (videos)


In case you missed LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and/or Erik Spoelstra fielding questions following the team’s walloping at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night, an Internet sensation was born.

His name is Bobby Ramos. He’s an NBA Finals reporter. Or better put, he’s an individual who somehow managed to get his hands on media credentials.

As far as anyone can tell, Ramos’ only foray into journalism is through two websites: A Blogger site called, “Bobby’s Lobby” and, the former which hasn’t been active since 2010 and the latter which has since crashed since Ramos’ star-making turn on Tuesday night?

Just how did Ramos turn into an online media sensation in the span of a few minutes? Simple. He just asked patently absurd questions of the three Heat leaders.

When making a query of Spoelstra, Ramos — a nattily attired gent, it should be noted — rambled on and on without actually asking a real, legitimate and sensible question. Once Ramos was finishing with his long-winded dissertation, a dumbfounded Spoelstra’s only response was, “Clearly.”


When going on and on with LeBron and D-Wade taking their position in front of the media and behind the mics, all the two could do was sit there with blank looks on their faces before the ridiculousness of Ramos’ inquiry regarding the Heat’s “lackluster” offense and defense elicited a chuckle from LeBron as he attempted to make sense of Ramos’ nonsensical ramblings before deferring to D-Wade, who attempts to answer the “question” before laughing along with James.

It was fantastic theater, although the skeptical person in me — I call him “Doubting Danny” — thinks there is some tomfoolery and skullduggery afoot here. If this guy is in fact legit, well, there is hope for all of us to land media credential to big-time sporting events, right? Either way, the more Bobby Ramos during the NBA Finals the better.

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